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The work presented at Spazio Taverna was conceived as a couple, together with Victoria Carli (Interpreter), and was enjoyed over a single evening, on February 21, 2021, in two rooms of Palazzo Taverna in Rome.

It is an experience granted, in a ritual form, for two people at a time in a space full of expectations. A series of couples repeat the same gestures in a limited and independent fragment of time. Two single entities and two complementary spaces become one.


Crossing the threshold you enter a first environment in which the dense atmosphere, obtained from the expanded fog, generates a blurred gaze that brings you back to yourself and, at the same time, to a view reduced to its negative state: a space that has become unknown. In the second room, a metal mesh separates the room in two, inviting the couple to take different paths.


Variable and at the same time similar images of the other are generated. Illusory presences as an echo of a radiated vision. Couples become forms in metamorphosed space. Their gazes, leaning beyond the intricate plot, converge towards an elsewhere full of possibilities and multiple lives of the same. From two, one, from one many.

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Visual artist

Gianluca Brando, (Maratea, 1990) lives and works in Milan.
After studying in the Academies of Fine Arts in Rome and Venice, he cultivated his research in the field of sculpture, first with a stay in Taiwan, and later through the experiences of some artistic residency programs in Italy, including Cripta 747 studio program in Turin and Viafarini in residence in Milan. Recently his work has been included in projects conceived by the SoutHeritage Foundation of Matera and the Pini Foundation of Milan. His practice is centered on the search for the interrelation between the presuppositions of vision and space intended as a container of pre-existing or ordinary forms in constant change, in search of a dissimilar yet similar identity.



Victoria Carli, (Bordeaux, 1992) lives and works in Milan.
After studying foreign literature and interpreting at the Université Michel De Montaigne of Bordeaux and the specialization at the Istituto di Alti Studi Carlo Bo - IULM in Milan, he obtained a Master in luxury and design management, undertaking a path of managerial profile in various companies based in Milan. He deals with translation and writing, often keeping them in a hidden drawer.

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