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"When imagining the future, it is more important to be creative than to be right"

Andrea Geremicca - EIIS Director​

We often imagine the future as the destination of a journey that, starting from the past, and passing through the present, leads us to a single possible destination.

However, there is not only one future, but there are many; and it is essential to try to imagine them all, or almost all, in order to choose the preferable one among them. We constantly think about the future, although we are far from good at imagining it.

Our brain is not programmed to do this: paradoxically, on a neurological level, the brain area we use to think about the future is the same area we use to access our memories. Most of the time what we foresee, therefore, is not a real future, but a sort of "present 2.0" To get out of this incoherent mental process we have to train our way of thinking; we have to be bold and creative, just like artists, that's why Spazio Taverna was born. Art allows us to observe the world with a different and subjective perspective in order to push beyond our gaze (in English translated with the word foresight, precisely the scientific discipline of the study of the future).


The Spazio Taverna project was born under the patronage of EIIS which, by offering masters, seminars and workshops, aims to bring together the world of artistic and cultural creativity with that of business and technological innovation. 

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