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Episode II



Guglielmo maggini

Delfina SCARPA

After the first episode of FINESTRA TAVERNA , the takeover of the premises of Spazio Taverna by artists of the new Roman generation continues.


The curatorial collaboration with Litografia Bulla, started during the Check Point Taverna focused on the Artist Run Space in Rome, brings the works of Guglielmo Maggini and Delfina Scarpa to the rooms of Spazio Taverna.


Together with the works listed below, the Untitled multiple, 2020 created by Litografia Bulla and designed jointly by the two artists, is exhibited on the occasion of the exhibition “Qualquadra non cosa”. The multiple consists of a lithograph printed on a 1 mm plexiglass sheet made by Guglielmo Maggini and a two-color lithograph by Delfina Scarpa printed on Magnani paper, hand-finished with mother-of-pearl powder.

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