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Eternal struggle of my desire


November 2022

Crypt Balbi

December 2022

Numero Cromatico

Numero Cromatico's research moves from the mechanisms of human perception in relation to the work of art, to the design of environments and multisensory paths, up to the use of natural materials and artificial intelligences for the construction of ambiguous and activating devices for observer.

The works of Numero Cromatico are connected to the dimension of the archaeological site of the Crypta Balbi where excavations have brought to light numerous productive activities, including a fullonica where in Roman times the wool, the fabric used in the tapestries of Numero Cromatico, was washed and dyed.

The strong link between Numero Cromatico and the Museo della Crypta Balbi with the artisanal dimension suggests a reflection on the persistence of a manual skill of an archaic nature, which takes on new meanings in the 21st century with the help of new technologies.

 “The headquarters of Crypta Balbi” announces Stéphane Verger “is preparing for a great season of urban renewal and regeneration that we wanted to anticipate with the exhibition in its spaces of the innovative artistic project by Numero Chromatic".


“The Numero Cromatico tapestries reactivate the energy, the suggestions and the history of these spaces, returned to the public with renewed visibility, usability and continuity” explains Ludovico Pratesi. “In this sense, present and past, technology and nature, contemporary art and archeology collaborate and work together as a single intelligent entity” adds Marco Bassan.


Finally, the love texts selected by artificial intelligence and present in Numero Cromatico's works are linked to the concept of denied love, a condition typical of girls locked up in the Confraternity of miserable virgins of Santa Caterina dei Funari, founded in 1543, which occupied part of the current area of the site, who were taught some manual activities including embroidery and sewing, to transform them into "honest and God-fearing women".

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