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It was of complexity

The modern enterprise operates within increasingly complex and interconnected global markets, where the dimension of the digital world now appears essential.


Companies must adapt to a constantly changing scenario, characterized by complexity and interdisciplinarity, in a world where the urgencies caused by environmental and social sustainability appear indispensable.


Change is no longer just a condition to which we must react and adapt, but it must become the motive for a proactive attitude that sees companies as protagonists as pioneers of the positive transformation of society.


The artists represent the research and development center of humanity. Through the way they challenge the materials and concepts of our time they produce new thoughts and generate innovative ideas.


With its symbolic value, art represents the main tool for positioning the brand internationally, allowing it to reach different audiences at the same time.


Being sustainable means knowing how to last over time. The artists are confronted every day with the design of works capable of overcoming the challenges of time.


Artists are the only social actors who systematically capture the signals of reality and imagine the future evolutions of society.



A project of the CDP Foundation - Cassa Depositi e Prestiti in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to bring 8 Italian artists under 35 to visit the headquarters of 8 Italian multinationals.

A project to reconnect art, business and territories, reading, through the sensitivity and tools of contemporary art, the forms and impact of doing business and work in the 21st century.

Benni Bosetto - Open Fiber

Namsal Siedlecki - Ansaldo Energia

Giulio Saverio Rossi - TIM

Lulù Nuti - Webuild

Giulia Cenci - Terna

Alice Ronchi - Snam

Tomaso De Luca - ENI

Amedeo Polazzo - CDP Immobiliare

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