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Monday 12 JUNE 2023






[ma-lin-co-nì-a] lit. melancholia s.f.

1. painful but calm mood, or tempered by a certain sweetness, often fueled from resigned or even pleased delay, in the context of feelings of unease or disappointment.
The m. of the romantics; let yourself be taken by the m .; a memory full of m .; the m. of a landscape
2. thing, thought that arouses sadness: drive away melancholy.
3. In ancient times, the black humor, one of the four humors generated by the human body, to which they were attributed
malefic and often fatal influences on vital functions.
Etymology: ← lat. late melancholĭa(m) 'black mood', which is from Gr. melancholia, proper bile nera', comp. of mélas mélanos 'black' and a deriv. of cholḗ ‘bile’.



was born in 1990, currently lives and works in Naples. From a very young age she dedicated herself to the study of music and dance. Subsequently he studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. In recent years, the performative and visual matrix of her research has led her to the creation of site-specific projects, highlighting the individual perception of spaces that she is called upon and chooses to interpret.
Gabriella Siciliano's language is based on existential concepts that she expresses through a pop aesthetic, generating an ironic short circuit. 
Among his recent installation or performative interventions we find I miss you (Quadriennale di Roma, Palazzo Braschi), Tana (Officine San Carlo, Vigliena) Party Alone (Magazzini Parco San Paolo, 2020), Da casa mia non si vede il mare (Castel dell 'Ovo, Naples 2020), Bathroom dance (2021, Naples) on the occasion of the first edition of Exit Strategy, Abbraccio (Franco Parenti Theater, Milan), Planetarium (Palazzo d'Avalos, Procida - Capital of Culture, 2021) and Jump ( Naples, 2021), permanent installation for the Quartiere Latino museum-condominium.



He currently lives and works in Naples. Dancer, whose training begins with the study of academic dance, to then change direction and meaning following the meeting, in 2014, with the blue sulphate collective-dance theater company of Naples. It is precisely with the blue sulphate collective that he has the opportunity to take part in site-specific performances and events and in the co-conduction of workshops and projects aimed at schools of different types and levels. His training is extremely varied and ranges from a university and professional course in agricultural sciences and technologies at the University of Naples Federico II to the study and deepening of movement, understood in its broadest sense, through contemporary dance, dance theater , contact improvisation through the practice of yoga and taichi, up to sport climbing. The red thread that connects the multiple practices is, without a doubt, the curiosity and the desire to investigate the possibilities of the movement, through a pprocess of deconstruction and decomposition, such as to sharpen the deep perception of oneself.



Naples, 1960.

She studied dance in Paris and continued dedicating himself to Tai Chi Chuan and Aikido. Through these disciplines he discovers the deep link between nature, body and movement. cShe collaborated for many years with the Teatro dei Sassi of Matera, with whom she shares both the didactic experience of the training school for actors and that of actress and dancer. With the same association he participates in the research on the epic poem of the Mahabharata and in the Travels from stationary of the Grubus Theater, a traveling theater project inside a double-decker touring bus. 

Creator of the Cortili Project in Naples, an experience that involves the adoption of a house, a courtyard and its inhabitants for the installation of a theatre, dance, music and food event. It collaborates with various municipalities in the Campania hinterland for the creation of temporary communities of intent. She teaches Tai Chi- The silent dance at the Mercadante Theater Academy in Naples. He guides and trains the Azzurro Sulfato dance theater collective: Being Landscape is the inspiring thought that animates the work of recent years. 

She is dedicated to clay artifacts, as a creative and meditative experience.

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