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An experience that involves those present through an unprecedented exploration of volcanic phenomena.

The project originates from the series of works by Alessandro Piangiamore which see images of volcanic eruptions with fragments of madrepores and corals live in "symbiosis", which seem to be the natural continuation of the eruption itself.

The collaboration with Dr. Giuseppe Salerno and Dr. Letizia Spampinato, volcanologists at the Etneo Observatory of the NGV and Walter Musco, pastry chef, owner of the Pasticceria Bompiani in Rome, has led Alessandro Piangiamore to develop an experience that will involve participants to experience the volcanic phenomena of earth and water from a gustatory and olfactory point of view.



Born in Enna in 1976, He was the winner of various awards and residencies including: 2016  16th edition of the Cairo Prize. Among the personal exhibitions we should mention: 2013 Primavera Piangiamore, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, All the wind that exists, GAMeC, Bergamo; He has taken part in numerous group exhibitions, including: 2019 Location and Signs, Punta della Dogana - Pinault Collection, Venice; The Lasting - The interval and duration, edited by  Saretto Cincinelli,  National Gallery of Modern Art, Rome; 2008 T2 the 50 moons of Saturn, Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, curated by Daniel Birnbaum.



Pastry chef

he is an eclectic, versatile pastry chef  and obsessive of details. It aims to give pastry a different meaning, unhinging the technique and the mere elaboration of noble raw materials.
He is the owner of the patisserie of the same name which is among the best in the city of Rome.

Giuseppe Salerno


Volcanologist at the INGV Etneo Observatory of which he is currently the Volcanological Monitoring Manager and Volcanic Risk Manager  worldwide for the ERCC as part of the Aristotle Project. He studied Geological Sciences at the University of Catania deepening the issues relating to the monitoring of active volcanoes in Hawaii at the University of Hilo and HVO, then continued his studies through a Phd in volcanology at the University of Cambridge. 

Letizia Spampinato


volcanologist at the Etneo Observatory of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology. His specialization concerns the use of infrared remote sensing techniques and methodologies for the study of eruptive dynamics and the quantification of thermal parameters.

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