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MONDAY 29 May 2023

trauma club

alice paltrinieri


alessandro spoil drawings



"When the mass of dream-thoughts is subjected to the pressure of the dream-work, the individual parts are turned, fragmented, put together like floating ice"






Rome, 1987.   

He trained at the art school with Cesare Tacchi and will work alongside various international artists over the years. He graduated in set design working for a period in the cinematographic field. Her training over the years between Rome, London and Berlin allows her to broaden her research to the technologies that are today a fundamental part of her work. “Space, interaction, memory. This is the trinomial necessary to read the recent results of Alice Paltrinieri's research regarding the last two years of experimentation, there is a growing use of technological components, declined, together with diversified materials, in site-specific installations, in which the user plays a active role in the definition of the work. Using circuits, sensors and ephemeral materials, the artist samples the trajectories of experience, detecting its contingencies and mutations. Thus, by interpreting space as a place of interaction, its exploration builds links between different environments and reformulates their limits, to the point of being defined as the aesthetic equivalent of a plural, complex and impermanent memory." (Davide Silvioli)

He exhibits in Italy and abroad, among the latest exhibitions "Io sono qui" at the ducal palace of Tagliacozzo with Spazio Taverna, "0;0" curated by Davide Silvioli, at the MAXXI corner for the Conai "Circular Art" award, the participation at the Biennial of the image in Chiasso, in Milan for Spazio Serra, in Como for Galleria Ramo, at Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, at the Royal Villa in Monza, he participated in residencies in Italy and in 2017 he won the Setup award as best artist under 35. She is currently represented by Galleria Ramo.



Sound engineer and sound designer trained at SAE Institute in London with a Bachelor of Science first class honors in 2011. Since 2012, he has established his operational base in Rome, collaborating as a freelancer with companies such as Sky, Wind, Hasbro gaming, Microsoft, Discovery channel and Enel. His expertise extends mainly in the field of interactive audio, exercised both in the video game sector, where he works as an audio designer and composer, and in the context of musical installations and performances. Among the latter, he is part of the Ugoless jazz-electronic collective. For years he has dedicated a significant part of his time to teaching, holding the chair of video game techniques and methodologies at the SAE Institute in Milan, where he shares his experience and knowledge with the new generation of sound professionals.

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