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MONDAY 28 March 2022





ABBRACCIO starts from a provocation by Walter Musco (Pasticceria Walter Musco - Bompiani) to the artists of Illimine, called to rethink performance writing, expanded and participatory poetry and relationality through the construction of an 'edible' experience.

Walter Musco, a Roman pastry chef famous for his crossover research with contemporary art, joins the group of Italian-Australian artists ILLIMINE ( to present ABBRACCIO: a participatory experience of writing and ingestion. The project takes shape from the desire for an interdisciplinary research dialogue between Musco and ILLIMINE that started from a simple provocation: how an ILLIMINE performance would transform if the artists were forced to use the tools, ingredients and knowledge of a pastry shop?

Hence, ILLIMINE rethinks its practice linked to performance writing, expanded and participatory poetry and relationality through the construction of a private experience of dialogue with the public who will have to deal with the edible nature of the pastry art, its potential and its aesthetics. Each visitor will be offered an individual path, a series of choices, an intimate space, a small moment of relationship and taste.



Pastry chef

Degree in Political Science and a career as a researcher in International Law behind him, former gallery owner of Tribal Art in one of the historic streets of Rome for Art (Via Giulia), watch collector, traveler, gourmet and wine lover.

The enogastronomic turning point: over ten years ago he decided to embark on a new path, that of cooking. He enrolled in one of the very first "Chef Profession" courses of Gambero Rosso followed by two years of internship at "Acquolina" by Giulio Terrinoni, "Il Convivio" by the Troiani brothers and "Antonello Colonna" in Labico and a few years as a Personal Chef . In 2009 he opened the Pasticceria Bompiani. The experience gained over the years as a self-taught pastry chef - in addition to the meetings and courses with Masters such as Gino Fabbri, Gianluca Fusto, Javier Guillen and Paco Torreblanca - allow him to grow professionally and to certify the Bompiani Pastry as one of the best in the Roman and national context.

The contamination with art and pastry takes place in a very timid way in 2012 with the first edition of "Easter Eggs" dedicated to the world of art.

In 2015, the restructuring of the pastry shop allowed him to increase the offer and insert Art also in the cake line, creating Signature in homage to Jackson Pollock ("Action Painting"), at the Bauhaus by Walter Gropius ("Bauhaus") , to Piero Manzoni as well as to the world of cinema with a signature dedicated to Michelangelo Antonioni.

The contamination also occurs in the use of ingredients that are not exactly typical of pastry and other Signature products are born such as the “Bloc de Foie Gras - homage to Joseph Beuys”, a cake with Foie Gras and peach compote; the dish dessert based on Caviar and White Chocolate or the one with Celery, Lemon and Bottarga. The version of the “Caprese - homage to Curzio Malaparte” (Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil); the “Extrema” with the use of three peppers; the "Negroni" cake ...

In the last period he has been dedicating himself to the study of new forms for the realization of cake molds and thanks to new technologies, outside the world of pastry, new synergies are starting to create new contaminations.

He defines himself as a person out of the chorus, uncomfortable, maniacal and extremely curious about everything he does not know or who knows little. In the realization of his desserts he always tries to give importance to the flavors, not inserting too many ingredients and not making them too sweet. The texture is a very important element as well as the contrasts of sweet / acid or fatty / acid. But he firmly believes that an identifying element of his pastry is aesthetics and precision in the creation of products and details. In addition to all this, his patisserie has a research base and insertion of cultural contents with the aim of proposing his confectionery products in unusual and eccentric contexts and forms. It repudiates the technique as an end in itself and the confectionery conceived as a resurgence of easy childhood memories. He loves conceptual minimalism and forms, he believes in brutalism as a form of truth.

Between 2020 and 2021, the pastry shop changes its name to "Pasticceria Walter Musco" directing its path definitively towards the abolition of the pastry clichés, seeking increasingly extreme forms inspired by art. It then produces the "Gran Cretto - homage to Alberto Burri", the collection of pralines "Space Oddity - Homage to David Bowie" and the single portion "Banksy". One of the most courageous and appreciated creations ends 2021: the cake - not sweet - “Black Square - homage to Malevich” based on caviar, vodka and sour cream and with the iconic shape of the Black Square by the famous Russian artist. This cake represents the last step in the concept of dessert, crossing over into salty flavors and non-typically Mediterranean flavors.



It brings together multimedia artists, performers, academics and professionals. Our goal is the practice of a transdisciplinary dialogue around a series of main themes: gesture, duration, expanded poetry, narration and hospitable and site specific art. Since 2013 Illimine has presented his work in national and international contexts, in galleries, public spaces and festivals, with recent works at MACRO in Rome, The British School at Rome, DIF Museo Diffuso di Formello, Face to Face (Montefiascone), MAAM ( Rome), Performance Arcade Festival (Wellington, NZ) and a solo show at Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary (Trevi, Pg). In Australia, in 2018 Illimine completed A Narrow Road to the Deep North a public writing performance (10km) on the Moreland Upfield Path (MoreArt Festival Melbourne); among the most recent works there is also a solo show at the Counihan Gallery in Brunswick and a performance / installation at the Immigration Museum and for the Melbourne International Writers Festival.

Illimine members have also collaborated in the curation and organization of the international conference 'Press Play' (MACRO, 2019), centered on the intersection of humanities and artistic practices. They are also curators and organizers of the international conference of Voice Studies 'Voice / Presence / Absence' (University of Technology Sydney, 2014) of which they were editors.

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