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rosa matteucci & tomàs saraceno arachnomancy cards


In 2019, when this was not our life, Tomás Saraceno's strange cards came to look for Rosa Matteucci: he called them tarots, but they are not, because behind a name of banal convenience, there is actually an oracle .


Those who find themselves here with her, did not come by chance, out of curiosity or boredom, they were summoned for a particular reason, which each of you will be able to discover, because sometimes in life, Time becomes Destiny.


The oracle must be approached in silence and with respect, the cards will tell each of you, only what you need to know, but which in most cases you ignore, underestimate, or fear. The writer will be only a modest human link between the oracle and the querent.

ROsa Matteucci


Born in Orvieto and lives in Genoa. He wrote novels,
some journalistic inquiries, he recited the theatrical monologue: Elementi di
housekeeping for young ladies from good families who have fallen into the Piccolo di
Milan, one of the most beautiful things I've ever undertaken.

Arachnomancy cards

Tomas Saraceno, 2019

Set of 33 cards.

Black and white laser printing on carbon - neutral, laminated paper.

12x7 (each card)

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