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Monday 8 May 2023

mastequoia op. 23

concert for

sarcophaga carnaria

Gabriele Silli


Giacomo Sponzilli

Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli

Breeding choir in cadaverous substance. Thousands of coreuti join in a progression of nine movements.

Their singing is extinguished in the collapse of the theater which contains them until silence in a lead shroud.

Silli, Sponzilli and Tribbioli have been collaborating since 2004

under the collective noun Mastequoia.



Rome, 1982.

Lives and works in Rome. He graduated in Philosophy at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" in 2009. His artistic practice concerns matter and its possible transformations. Sculpture, video and performance are all languages investigated through a process of
assembly of various components.



Rome, 1982.

Lives and works in Rome. After graduating in Architecture at the universities of Roma Tre and TUDelft in the Netherlands, he was a researcher at the KumaLab of Tokyo University and architect of the Kengo Kuma & associates. His artistic practice is grounded in an experimental approach that investigates the fusion of spatial and material processes with outcomes in disparate media such as sculpture, performance, video and architecture.

carlo gabriele


Rome, 1982.

Lives and works in Rome. Graduated in Philosophy, his artistic practice is mainly of a design orientation: it arises from long-term research and accumulations, subsequently formalized using a wide range of media, such as performance, photography,
installations and films.

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