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MONDAY 15 November




Dear guest, I have been asked to invite you to share an experience with you, and I have decided to leave you, for an evening, the space available, set up for you to use freely. I will give space to create the possibility of a change of perspective, in a sort of game of mirrors that overturns and questions the point of view of those who host and those who are hosted, of the curator, the artist and the spectator.

You will be free to appropriate the space, without me telling you how and when to act, letting your creativity and potential flow naturally, which will remain largely unknowable and, for this reason, disturbing, like the idea that you can replace me and stay here indefinitely. I will try to look at you as little as possible (and I know you will do the same), so as not to care about the judgment of my gaze and because your presence here simply reveals itself without becoming a work to be admired.

In the Taverna space you will move between a condition of confinement and, at the same time, of taking possession of the place. This ambivalence corresponds, I know, to a duplicity of my act of care of this evening because, in welcoming you, on the one hand I sacrifice my presence in space and on the other I affirm my decision to host you by defining the time and the place of your being there.

But, in the end, the desire that you feel at home is perhaps just my act of vanity, the vanity of the curator who shows her hospitality towards the other, for one night.




curator, organizer and dramaturg of performing arts

she is curator, organizer and dramaturg of performing arts. Graduated in Philosophy, specialization in Aesthetics, at the University of Bologna, she obtained a University Master in Science and Techniques of Entertainment from the University of Parma.

He has worked with several national and international artists and theater and dance companies including Big Art Group (USA), Agrupacion Senor Serrano (ES), Motus (IT), OHT-Office for a Human Theater (IT), Cristina Kristal Rizzo ( IT), Muta Imago (IT), and in various international festivals of performing arts and theaters, such as Santarcangelo Festival, Inteatro Festival- Polverigi (AN), Teatro delle Briciole and Fondazione Teatro Due - Parma. She is currently curator, responsible for training projects, production residences and performance events at the Slaughterhouse - Azienda Speciale Palaexpo, Rome. In this context, since 2020 he has conceived and curated Prender-si cura, a research residency project and artistic production, he has curated the Master in Performing Arts and Community Spaces PACS 2020-21 and the Master in Performing Arts MAP_PA 2022.

During the summer of 2020 he curated Gaia-Thirst and 2021 re-creatures, video installation projects, environmental installations, performances, concerts, workshops, meetings, in the internal and external spaces of the Mattatoio.



of Indian origins with Greek descent, he trained in Anguillara with Pasquale Martino at Z. Grunwald srl and, since 2017, participates in films, television dramas and commercials, among others, with the director Laura Bispuri. He works in fashion with Bulgari and Gucci.

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