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Baby dull (2020)


Silvia Giambrone


The performance, updated ad hoc for Spazio Taverna, is a performative action performed by the artist who, in collaboration with some professionals from different sectors and skills, stages the introjection of violence and some of its possible interpretations.


Experience designed by Silvia Giambrone for Spazio Taverna in collaboration with Stefano Ambrosetti (Lawyer), Massimo Bassan (Gravitational Physicist), Igor Branchi (Ethologist), Davide Enia (Writer), Isabella Pratesi (Naturalist)

Gian Maria Tosatti

(Rome, 1980) is an Italian visual artist

His projects are long-term investigations on issues related to the concept of identity, both politically and spiritually.

His work mainly consists of large site specific installations conceived for entire buildings or urban areas. His practice often involves the communities connected to the places where the works take shape.

In 2015 the international magazine ArtReview included him in the list of the 30 most interesting artists of his generation (Future Greats)

In 2014 Domus included his work My dreams, they'll never surrender, among the ten best international exhibitions of that year.

Tosatti is also a journalist and writer. He is a columnist for Corriere della Sera and for Opera Viva magazine. He writes essays on art and politics.

Pasquale Innarella

jazz saxophonist

He was formed in the 1980s following the Italian jazz scene of that period and mixed musically different experiences from Afro Beat to Cuban jazz. He has collaborated with many international musicians and, more recently, with artists from other disciplines such as Michelangelo Pistoletto and Renato Mambor, as well as with many actors including Ascanio Celestini and Massimo Popolizio.

In the early 2000s he collaborated with Paolo Fresu and Butch Morris.

Since 2015 he has mainly been carrying his music around with the Pasquale Innarella Quartet, as well as carrying out two other projects continuously, the Go Dex Quartet, dedicated to the reworking of the music of Dexter Gordon and Ayler's Mood, a trio focused on improvisational music.

In 2019 he won the European Jazz Award for the best European music project, awarded to him by about 400 critics and organizers of European jazz festivals. He is the only Italian to have won this award to date.

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