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Giuseppe GArrera

Gianni Garrera

A camera video, of an intimate communication: some secrets will be revealed, hidden treasures of art operations carried out undercover, clandestine, deliberately entrusted to dispersion or disseminated for gift or hidden generosity will be shown.
Sculptures inserted in magazines, fake advertisements, abandonments on the street, clandestine appeals, hidden paintings, postcards and precious messages.

For these times, it is also a question of suggesting a way of collecting to form a personal, domestic, favorite and consoling museum. The collection as a hunt, a child's treasure, an exercise in intimacy, but, above all, comfort and your own room of wonders.

Giuseppe Garrera


Born in Rome on 21 December 1962, historical art collector, he teaches at the Master in Economics and Management of Art and Cultural Heritage of the Business School of "Il Sole 24 Ore" in Rome and Milan

Gianni Garrera

Musical philologist

Musical philologist and translator, playwright and collector. The reference scholar of Soren Kierkegaard, de

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