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SUNDAY 25 September 2022





LitoScape is a generative electroacoustic sound experience that invites the viewer to enter the vertical and suspended space-time of craftsmanship. The various stages of the Bulla workshop's printing work generate an intricate soundscape thanks to a modular synthesis system that, starting from the materiality of the stone, creates textures, stamps and atmospheres that evolve organically over time. The composition urges you to slow down, listen actively and marvel at the creative process. The work is enriched by the use of low-frequency sound waves specifically designed to stimulate neurotransmitters such as serotonin, DHEA, endorphins and GABA that produce a state of deep relaxation and well-being.


Milan 1968,

Michelangelo is an Italian filmmaker, the son of native parents of Caulonia, a town on the Ionian coast of Calabria. He studies cinema and architecture in Milan, but shoots all his films in the south, where his imagination dwells. Among his works: IL DONO 2003, LE QUATTRO VOLTE 2010, IL BUCO 2021.



Caulonia 1958,

Ilario is the son of Giovanbattista Salerno, known as Giamba, a Calabrian transport truck driver, who crossed the Italian peninsula from south to north for over thirty years, at the end of the last century, and of which, as a very young man, Ilario was assistant and traveling companion.

Ilario si  moved to Milan in the early 80s to work in an important multinational, but Calabria and his country, Caulonia, remain his greatest passions.


Milan 2011,

Lorenzo is a sixth grade student, gifted with an excellent ear for music, he enjoys percussion and keyboards, but his greatest passion is free diving, which he rigorously practices in the Calabrian seabed of the Ionian Sea, in Caulonia. His favorite animals are octopuses. And the snails.

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