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the island of stories





sira sebastianelli

The experience entitled The island of stories is the moment of an inner, personal journey. An immersion with your eyes closed to reach or experience clear and deep sensations. The perimeter of the space becomes the epicenter of a sudden shock, in which paying attention, being curious, trusting or simply trying to imagine, automatically become potential regenerative and cultural actions. A process that tries to extend beyond the moment to invade the plots of everyday life, in order to trigger methods of replicable actions for future survival. The parenthesis of a different temporality that overlaps with a conditioned and predominant temporality.

Antonio Della Guardia

Born in 1990, his research focuses on the conditioning imposed by contemporary work on the body, on cognitive processes and on the most intimate spheres of private life, detecting their signs and at the same time imagining poetic forms and strategies of shared emancipation.
Among his solo exhibitions: For a real neighbor, Pastificio Cerere Foundation, Rome (2021); The ink light darkens, Galleria Tiziana Di Caro, Naples (2018); Index, Studioconcreto, Lecce (2018). Among his group exhibitions: Burning Speech, Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, Turin (2021); There is no time to enjoy the sun, Morra Greco Foundation, Naples (2021); The corrosion of character, the flexible man, Izolyatsia Platform for Cultural Initiatives, Kiev (2019); Samoupravna interesna zajednica u galeriji waldinger, Wladinger Gallery, Osijek (2018); Mind the gap, Barriera Association, Turin (2018); Sensibile comune, the living works, National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rome (2017); Disio, nostalgia for the future, La Caja, Caracas (2017). In 2016 he was in residence at the Antonio Ratti Foundation in Como.

Wenceslas Cembalo

Born in Naples on 5 May 1965, he lived in Bologna, Paris, Milan, Sassari, Turin and worked as a sound engineer, cameraman, camera operator, craftsman in the family workshop (stained glass windows), industrial documentary director, copywriter , screenwriter, teacher of different disciplines (ancient Greek, advertising language, dramaturgy, creative writing, history of the show, history of cinema, direction, mass communication) in different contexts (minors at risk, prisoners, disadvantaged people in depressed areas, institutes of secondary education, Academies of Fine Arts, TFA for teachers).

From 1998 to 2012 I wrote with four colleagues the lyrics for a children's television program (La Melevisione, RAITRE) and a large number of songs, plays and books related to the program. He is currently a professor of Theory and Method of Mass Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and is working on a smartphone application called honoo.

Sira Sebastianelli

She lives and works in Rome, where she works as a psychologist-psychotherapist. She graduated in Rome at the “La Sapienza” University and has a Jungian-oriented therapeutic background. She was a student of Professor Aldo Carotenuto and collaborated for many years with his chair of Personality Psychology. He has published the essays “Cara mille ti scrivo” with the Editors Guide and “The memory of others” with the Colosseo publisher. Over the years he has undertaken the study of the Celtic Harp which over time has combined it with psychotherapy, attending a Masters in Arpatherapy at the Harp Magic Music Therapy Research Center in Milan.

Currently, he leads psychotherapeutic or experiential groups on psychological issues and sound relaxation sessions with Celtic harp, collaborates with the online magazine, and has conceived and promoted the traveling project "An anchor for not saying more Ancòra, change accent to change perspective ”, which aims to stimulate reflections on the violence of women, to initiate a change aimed at building consciences and developing new awareness.

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