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MONDAY 26 June 2023

pas ce soir

albert AGOSTI




It all comes from a personal experience.

An accessory that not only elevates, as it modifies the posture, but in the same way makes one vulnerable, uncomfortable, as it limits its movements.

The strength of a symbol as an elementsacred and profane, as a game, as a weapon to undermine rigid and vertical identities.



Piacenza, 1997.
He currently lives in Milan. After graduating from the Liceo Classico he moved to London to attend Central Saint Martins University.

In 2019 he moved to Paris to assist the Art Director of Christian Louboutin and the following year he returned to London to assist the stylist Ibrahim Kamara.

In 2021 he concludes his degree in Fashion Communication and Promotion and presents his degree project on the digital platform Show Studio in London.

Agosti currently works at Gucci in the Art Direction team.



Piacenza, 1963.

In 1988, starting from a very small laboratory in the historic center of Piacenza, Davide Groppi began to invent and produce lamps with the homonymous brand. The inspiring motif of Davide Groppi's work is to approach light with the idea of approaching the truth and, consequently, of seeking the truth by pursuing beauty. Lamps and light projects in which simplicity, lightness, emotion and invention are the fundamental components of the project. Davide works with the awareness that making lamps is not an exact science, but at the same time with the need to look for a method. It is the discovery of intuition and the strength to look within. The love for his work and the constant urgency to make sense of everything led Davide to identify four design paradigms: intuition, vision, invention, recovery.

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