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Three rooms, three microphones, three tables, three hot meals, three glasses and some good wine, words, texts and sounds.


While the city stops, surrounding everyone with its silence, in three close but separate rooms, three voices converse sharing soundscapes, their own words and the words of others.

The vital sound presence from the internal space will flow outwards, towards the empty city, canceling, for a few hours, the distance and inhabiting this "box", knowing that, in every room, bodies and thoughts continue, despite everything, the their bikes.

From 10 pm to 5 am, in the moment of maximum suspension of time and absence of action, three bodies meet, crossing the night together.

Angel Moya Garcia


Contemporary art critic and curator. Graduated in History of Art at the University of Cordova, he is currently in charge of programming and cultural events at the Mattatoio in Rome, Co-Director for the Visual Arts of the Dello Scompiglio Estate in Lucca and member of ICOM Italia - International Council of Museums, of the IKT - International Association Of Curators Of Contemporary Art and of the IAC - Institute of Contemporary Art in Spain.



Curator and organizer in the performance and theatrical field. Graduated in Philosophy, specialization in Aesthetics, at the University of Bologna, she obtained a University Master's Degree in Sciences and Techniques of Entertainment from the University of Parma. She is currently curator, in charge of the Master PACS - Performing Arts and Community Spaces, of the project of productive residences and of the connected performative events of the Slaughterhouse-Azienda Speciale Palaexpo, Rome.



He is dramaturg and sound designer. In 2006 together with the director Claudia Sorace he founded the company Muta Imago. Since then he has composed the sound dramaturgy of shows, performances, operas, installations, radio productions that the company produces in Italy, Europe and the Middle East

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