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Monday 14 March

"The guide and the travelers have vanished into thin air, becoming the street."

Farid Ad-Din Attàr, the verb of the birds.



You are my special guest, the guide. You are the person who has decided to become curious about my practice, to get closer to looking for something.

I'm never sure of anything, mine is a fragile, shaky thought made up of small movements. Uncertain steps in search of a way, of a possible thread capable of giving meaning to my pace.

Over time I have discovered that in all my work I make a confession, I abandon an obsession. Holding that thought in me, in an attempt to sharpen it, would have built sterile vortices, mental ruminations for their own sake. The attempt to make it certain, precise, eternal would have exhausted and debased him. Having given it up, let it go, getting rid of it, gives me a thrill, a euphoria similar to when you empty a drawer and then the possibility of being able to fill it again appears. The slight pain of knowing that its content will be violated by others is mixed with the joy of having removed some torment.

A sense of loss takes hold of me every time I hear what others see in that thought. The amazement never ceases to notice how the other gaze is an active part in the construction of the imagination, that betrayal to its genesis, that rehash, gives me nuances, gives me a better reading, thus becomes its only chance for life.

In these transformations a sort of restitution also takes place, strangers give me their confession, relying on a presumed proximity they redefine the contours of the object. Looks do my job to them and they use it for the same reason I did it.

In this process there is a magic given by the illusion that that  thought, in its fragility, may be of others forever, loved, misunderstood, changed, betrayed and frustrated by others:

I live.





thank you

Eugenio Tibaldi


An artist who has always been attracted by marginal dynamics and aesthetics, by the complex relationship between economy and contemporary landscape. Born in Alba CN, in 2000 he moved to the Neapolitan hinterland where he began a work that investigates one of the most plastic and dynamic territories in Italy and to draw a sort of map of informality. The margin understood as a condition that is often more mental than geographical. Through the study of the margin it activates a process dynamics which, applied to artistic research, allows the emergence of alternative aesthetics. In recent years he has worked on Istanbul, Naples, Cairo, Rome, Thessaloniki, Berlin, Verona, Havana, Bucharest, Turin, Caracas, Brussels, Tirana, Addis Ababa.

Among the exhibitions: Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, Turin, (2007), Manifesta 7, Bolzano (2008), International Center of Contemporary Art, Bucharest (2009), Museo Madre, Naples (2010) Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art (2013), XII Biennale de Havana (2015), Ettore Fico Museum, Turin (2016), Quirinale Palace (2017), Museum MCDA Manila, (2017), IIC new York (2017). MAXXI Museum, Rome (2018), Venice Biennale, Cuban Pavilion (2019), Museo del 900 Milan (2019), National Gallery of Rome (2020), Zoma Museum Addis Ababa (2020), Estate of Disruption Lucca (2021), Turin Living Art Park (2021).

He attended (CSAV), Antonio Ratti Foundation, Como, Domus Academy in Istanbul, was Affiliated Fellowship at the American Academy in Rome.

His works are exhibited in public and private institutions in Italy and abroad. He currently lives and works in Turin.


The identity of the guide will remain secret until the end of the evening, I made this decision because I want no one to investigate or imagine who will be the figure who will accompany this experience.

This decision came about because of one of the foundations of my work, one of the key rules that I never betray, that is, the only way I have to respect the different and the new and not imagine it.

For this reason, I ask you not to imagine showing up for the appointment  with  spirit of curiosity and sharing.

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