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Episode III



For the month of May  Giulia Mangoni  presents an intimate and collaborative project for the third episode of Finestra Taverna .

By hosting in her window the ceramic statues of the J'Api cultural association based in Sora (FR), managed by the two artisans Paola D'Orazio and Roberto Tersigni , Giulia brings to life the Ciociarian mythologies linked to fertility through the exhibition of statuettes of St. George on horseback.

In dialogue with the artisans of the Ciociara area, Mangoni presents 3 oil paintings on canvas, linked to the cycle of paintings of the 'Western' Ciociaria where knights, travelers and cowboys bring to the stage images of a fantastic and archaic world that faces the contemporary.

The project, active throughout the month of May, works with the logic of a village market by activating a cultural and imaginative exchange between Spazio Taverna and rural landscapes where the discourse of contemporary art and museum institutions are distant.

Also available to the public is an archive box, normally used in the atelier, which contains some studies on paper, which represent part of the iconographic transformation and reactivation process that, thanks to his work, Mangoni operates in his territory.

The exhibited works,  they can be visited by appointment.

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