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Sandokan (Mompracen) cm.41x54 collage 2011.jpg

MONDAY 23 November





Karyll Marione Parin

The story of my family, actually few people - and of all these I am now alone - was such an explosive matter that it marked, as if it were a founding myth, a holy origin, literature, art, images and the social life of my whole cosmos. Sandokan, the Tiger of Malaysia, is a very intense and profound memory, a kind of model that came to my rescue at a time when I didn't know which way to go. The Tiger will accompany my prayer on my past and my past; a return to Mompracem, the island that does not exist, but which exists in the mind.


My little sister is afraid, says the little prince, but Sandokan gently takes them back: 

I freed you from Brooke, you have to free yourself from fear


Flavio Favelli, born in Florence in 1967, lives and works in Savigno (Bologna).

After graduating in Oriental History at the University of Bologna, he takes part in the Link Project (1995-2001). The end of the psychiatric report of January 16, 1976, by the poet Manlio Favelli, his father, went like this: delusional schizophrenic syndrome and paranoid schizophrenia. He participates in the TAM residency in Pietrarubbia directed by Arnaldo Pomodoro in 1995 and in the Advanced Visual Arts Course of the Ratti Foundation with Allan Kaprow in 1997. He has never seen any film in the Star Wars film saga and not even, in 1997, the comet Hale-Boop . He visited Lenin's body in 1980 and Mao Zedong's in 2015; the same year in New Delhi he met, perhaps not by chance, the Monkey Man. In 2008 it has  designed and built in the Waiting Room in the Pantheon of Bologna inside the Certosa Monumental Cemetery, which hosts the celebration of lay funerals. In 2015 the work Gli Angeli degli Eroi was chosen by the Quirinale and the Ministry of Defense to represent the soldiers who fell on the 4th November anniversary. In 2021 the construction of Villa i Tigli began,  his house-opera with radical garden in Montepastore in the Bolognese Apennines, where he will spend the last years of his life.

Karyll Marione Parin

Born in Rome on September 29, 2001 of Filipino parents.
She attended Italian school from an early age and holds a linguistic diploma. Now I work as a saleswoman, waiting to enter the university in the faculty of psychology.

Grew up in a musical environment thanks to her father, who has been leading the choir of the Philippine parish for ten years. It is from there that the passion for music was born, especially for singing. At the age of thirteen, she began learning to play the guitar on her own. For some years, he has been playing with other young Filipinos for parish events.
Despite having lived far from her homeland, Filipino songs keep her tied to my culture.

She hopes someday to become a psychologist, but she doesn't quit
the doors to a future focused on music.

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