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A visual story of an experience that becomes more and more difficult, almost unsuccessful.

Keep bees alive against unpredictable seasons.



She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna (2007-2012), received the Master of Fine Arts from the St. Joost Academy, Den Bosch-Breda (2013-2015) and took part in the residence deAteliers, Amsterdam  (2015-2017). In 2019 he received the Baloise Art Prize and is among the finalists of the MAXXI BVLGARI PRIZE 2020. His recent solo exhibitions include: iron heel, Museo Novecento, Florence (upcoming); Giulia Cenci, MUDAM, Luxembourg (2020); mud, SpazioA, Pistoia  (2020); From afar it was an island, Kunst Merano Arte, Merano (2019); Offspring 2017 - DEEP STATE, De Ateliers, Amsterdam (2017). He has also participated in numerous group exhibitions in Italy and abroad including: Maxxi Bvlgari Prize, Maxxi, Rome (2020); Shapeshifters, Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö (2020); 15th Lyon Biennale / Jeune création internationale, Institute of Contemporary Art, Villeurbanne / Rhône-Alpes (2019); Screaming Metal, Campoli Presti, Paris (2019); Comrades of time, Hardspace, Basel (2019); FutuRuins, Palazzo Fortuny, Venice (2018).




Beekeeper and farmer, after graduating from the A.Vegni Agricultural Institute he graduated  at the Faculty of Agriculture of Perugia with a thesis on "Integrated struggle in Varroa Destructor *" (2020). Its activities are aimed at sustainable agriculture and farming techniques. To live (badly) he is a mechanic and a coachbuilder.


* Varroa destructor is a  mite  parasite  external attacking the  bees  Apis mellifera  And  Apis cerana .

It attaches itself to the bee's body and weakens it by sucking the hemolymph . During this process the mite can also transmit agents  viral  RNA  to the bee. A large mite infestation leads to the death of the colony. Until the  2000  scientists disagreed on identifying Varroa destructor as a separate species. In the  2005  it was found that among the at least 5-6 genotypes identified by Anderson and Trueman, the only varroa mites that can reproduce in the colonies of Apis mellifera are the  genotype  of the Varroa destructor of the  Korea  he was born in  Japan / Thailand .

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